Welcome to The Vulture’s Nest!

Hello there!  My name is Joe “Vulture” Votour and I currently reside in the Indianapolis area of Indiana.  The nickname comes from a slightly modified spelling of last name (vautour), which is the French word for vulture.  My grandfather used to playfully call me his “little vulture” while I was growing up, and it just stuck.

By day, I’m a mild-mannered software developer developer specializing in various areas of embedded development; typically I develop for cable modems/routers.  By night, I tend to do development using Qt and manage/mess around with my FreeNAS server.

I’ve been fortunate that I’ve worked in some small companies where I’ve wound up doing a number of things, there’s always something new and exciting to come along.  This isn’t my complete resume, but I’ve done this type of work in one form or another:

  • C/C++ (both embedded and application development)
  • DOCSIS (cable modems, CMTS, provisioning)
  • User interface work (mostly plain HTML4/CSS and JavaScript work for modems)
  • VoD (Video on Demand) system, including the server-side (C, SQL) and STB client (PHP/HTML/JavaScript)

Outside of that, I was born and raised in Canada, but now make the United States of America my home.  I’m a diehard baseball fan, and living in the Midwest gives me the opportunity to go to a number of places around here to see teams (mostly minor league).

I will admit upfront that sadly I tend not to update the site very often.  If there you have any comments, or there is something that you’d like me to write a post on, feel free to use the “Contact Me” menu item above.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

— Joe

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